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We are experts in Online Prescription Eyeglasses.

Why can we offer prescription eyeglasses online? After years of research, we have developed a technology with a simple and reliable method to remotely determine the pupillary measurements of individuals requiring single vision, bifocal, and progressive eyeglasses.

The importance of centering an optical lens in alignment with the individual's eye pupil is one of the key factors for making prescription eyeglasses successfully. At OpticalFit.com we offer a unique remote solution which has proven to work and deliver the most precise PD results.

Traditionally, measuring pupillary distance required an individual to utilize the services of an optician using a ruler or specialized equipment, usually by visiting an optical store, to obtain such measurements. Such measurements include pupillary distances and pupillary segment heights.
The pupillary distances are the horizontal distance between each eye-pupil and the center of the optical frame nose-bridge (always necessary to make eyeglasses), and the pupillary segment heights are the vertical distances between each eye-pupil and their corresponding bottom of the lens (always necessary to make progressive eyeglasses). In-store measurements were the norm because even small pupillary measurement error can make prescription eyeglasses exhibit prismatic behavior, causing squint, headaches, and dizziness.

As can be seen, there was a need for method for measuring pupillary distance, taking into account relevant physiognomy and the desired frame of the measured individual, and so OpticalFit.com facilites online purchases of prescription eyeglasses with a perfect fitting.

We have 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of high-end optical frames. We also have a cutting edge optical lab to provide our customers with the highest-quality optical lenses for single vison, bi-focal, and free-form multi-focal, including digital progressives with anti-reflective finish, anti-scratch, anti-uv, and hydrophobic treatments; also photochromic and sun-light sensor options.

Unbeatable Prices: You only pay 50% below of what you'd have to pay in an optical store for similar quality eyeglasses.

Patent 511660380np

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